Emily Macaulay

Emily Macaulay

Emily Macaulay

“…a time of global crisis that has been driven by colonial capitalism”

More about that choice of heading in my ‘what I’ve been inspired by’ section.

What I’ve been doing

I aim to do our monthly reconciliation on the 10th of the month, and I got that ticked off this week (other than a couple of queries to discuss with Jeni when she is back from leave). This is my first month of then creating a project financial review for Tim and Jonathan after the reconciliation and it has been good to receive their feedback (and has helpfully identified some quirks / wrongly reconciled items too). I’ve also started my Bookkeeping and Controls Part 1 course so my brain is full of a new language and cash not meaning cash!

As a team we’ve chatted about a tweak to our meeting cycles to refocus on what outcomes we want from each of them and I’m interested to see how that plays out. We’ve also been talking about how an Advisory Board may work and there’s great work being driven by Helena on implementing a CRM.

Over the weekend I did a cycle ride with friends that clocked 34 miles. It has been over two years since I rode that kind of distance and whilst I was pleased (and frankly surprised) how well my legs and general fitness handled it…my bottom has taken a few days to forgive me!

What I’ve been inspired or challenged or moved by

I, like many others, have watched in awe and appreciation of Lankelly Chase announcing this week that they are to redistribute all their assets and close. As a significant trust foundation in the charity sector this announcement in itself is unusual. But the absolutely inspirational (and challenging) element of the announcement is the reasoning behind this decision.

Julian Corner, the Chief Executive, said (in a video explaining their decision) - “We’re moving through a time of global crisis that has been driven by colonial capitalism. Philanthropy is a function of colonial capitalism, has been shaped by it, has been driven by it, and yet philanthropy tries to position itself as somehow a cure for the ills of colonial capitalism. And that contradiction needs to stop”.

Trustee, Marai Larasi, said “This is an invitation to folk to enter the space of the uncertainty, enter the space of being accountable. Not to hold the cult of benevolence in place but to actually dismantle that”.

This is peak decolonisation work and frankly I think I still lack the words to describe how incredible this is. I’m thinking about it loads. I will keep watching developments and seeing how the redistribution works out - but also if others are inspired to follow suit. (Carniege, I think I’m looking at you).

What I’ve been reading

Catching up on an article from a few weeks ago about Labour’s tech policies (including a comment from our very own Jeni) - “What I’m really looking for,” says Tennison, is for Labour “to really face the fact that data and AI is political. It’s about power – and it’s about whose side you are on as a government.”

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