Emily Macaulay

Emily Macaulay

Emily Macaulay

Tweets, Toots and Threads

Following on from last week’s musings I’ve decided to put a teeny bit of structure around my WeekNotes to help me think through my week.

What I’ve been doing

I’ve finalised some bits for a change in job title of a colleague, worked on a few policies we’re refining (complaints, grievance and disciplinary), tidied up our notes from our Team Retreat (and allocated the actions). I’ve scrubbed up our Trello Board and at the moment it is singing with up to date cards and I’m already feeling better informed (and therefore better equipped) to support delivery.

I’ve been in discussions with a designer looking to give some va-va-voom to our first annual report (and reviewing the final content for that). Also I’ve been sussing out Liverpool via Google Maps finding locations for a possible CONNECTED BY DATA event alongside the Labour Party Conference there in October 2023.

I also jumped on the Threads bandwagon. With no option for ALT text and an awfully cluttered timeline, I don’t think I’ll be a frequent user for now but my toe is dipped…and it gave me an excuse to post a photo of my cat! (I’m still on Twitter and also have a foot in Mastodon too).

What I’ve been inspired or challenged or moved by

I saw this video ages ago but was reminded of it recently and enjoyed it just as much with a second (more likely tenth) viewing. Although ultimately an advert, the message is strong…we have more in common than makes us different.

What I’ve been reading

I’ve always been interested in operations from a sociological perspective as well as the practical doing and I’ve often talked about (although I’m increasingly thinking I may blog about it too) why I embrace hierarchies in organisations. I enjoyed reading this article this week about the importance of them and the role of networks. Incidentally I came across this article from following Helen Bevan who I highly recommend (on Twitter and LinkedIn) as a strong voice in innovative leadership and cultural change.

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