Support for communities

Organising for a powerful say in data decisions

We don’t get much of a say in how organisations – both private and public sector – collect and use data about us, even when it critically affects us.

We might find ourselves on the losing end of personalised pricing or discriminatory algorithmic decision making. We might find ourselves avoiding the services we need because we’re concerned about how the data they collect might get used against us.

Communities affected by data need to organise to get a more powerful say in data decisions.

You might be employees affected by surveillance in the workplace or concerned about how data about you is used to identify people for promotion, or redundancy. You might be patients worried about how health technologies are gathering intimate data about your lives, and how this is shared with researchers to support medical advances. Or you might be residents of shared accommodation wondering what happens to the data gathered by the smart technologies in your building.

How we can help

The CONNECTED BY DATA team combines expertise on data and data governance with campaigning, media and community organising skills.

We can help you organise around how data about your community gets collected, used and shared, and fight for a more powerful say in data decisions.

We can help you with:

  • developing and implementing campaign strategies to shift how data about your community gets collected, used and shared, and to increase the role of community voice in its governance
  • creating compelling targeted narratives, stories and resources that describe the impact of the collection, use and sharing of data about your community
  • shaping your asks so that they provide your community with real power and control over data
  • building your evidence base through public surveys and participatory exercises with your community, and researching what’s happening with similar communities around the world
  • designing initiatives to collect and use data that grows and supports your community and advocacy

Get in touch!

We are open to partnerships, from pro-bono support and advice to affordable delivery depending on the project. If you would like to discuss your needs, book a half hour chat with us, or email

We work openly, collaboratively and relationally

We will blog and tweet about our work, while being aware and respectful of confidentiality and the impact on those involved. We will share outputs via Google Docs early and often, and work collaboratively on them with our partners.

We work with an awareness of power, privilege and pluralism

We will strive to engage a representative and diverse set of people in the delivery of our work, and to amplify the voices of those who are typically under-represented.

We play a bridging role and connect communities

We translate between technology, policy and research worlds. We make connections between grassroots groups and global networks. After delivering our work, we will continue to drive its dissemination into our future work and wider communities.