About us

Our vision

We want communities to have a powerful say in decisions about data so that it is used to create a just, equitable and sustainable world

Our mission

We campaign to put community at the centre of data narratives, practices and policies by advocating for collective and open data governance

Here is our strategic roadmap for 2024-25. We’ve made it public so you can see what we’re planning. We’d welcome comments and suggestions, and in particular love to hear of any opportunities you see to collaborate or complement your own work.

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This document sets out our Theory of Change (ToC). This embodies our current working assumptions about how our activities will lead to the change we want to see in the world.

To put this ToC into practice we will develop various strategies, tactics and programmes to act on it, and test its assumptions.

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We focus on impact

We work in the open

We collaborate and learn with others

We take care of each other and ourselves

Jeni Tennison (she/her)

Founder and Executive Director

Jeni is an expert in all things data, from technology, to governance, strategy, and public policy.

She is the founder and Executive Director of Connected by Data. She undertakes this work as a Senior Fellow at the Centre for International Governance Innovation, Shuttleworth Foundation Fellow, Adjunct Professor at Southampton’s Web Science Institute, and an Associated Researcher at the Bennett Institute for Public Policy.

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Tim Davies (he/him)

Research and Practice Director

Tim has spent the last 20 years working at the intersection of technology, participation and governance as both a researcher and practitioner. From piloting digital tools bringing youth voice into local decisions, to developing data standards that enable community scrutiny of billions of dollars of public spending, or writing about the political dynamics of open data initiatives, his work has explored how shared social challenges need participatory, collaborative and collective responses.

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Adam Cantwell-Corn (he/him)

Head of Campaigns and Policy

With a background in human rights law, youth work and community organising Adam co-founded The Bristol Cable; an internationally recognised 100% community-owned magazine redefining local media. He was the recipient of a British Journalism Award in 2019 and has worked on policy and practical solutions for the broken market of quality journalism in the UK and beyond.

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Emily Macaulay (she/her)

Head of Delivery and Operations

Emily joined CONNECTED BY DATA from a service delivery and operations background, for the last nine years working for the charity that runs all public libraries across Devon and Torbay. Before that, after completing her Criminology degrees, she worked in the criminal justice system across Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly for nine years.

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Helena Hollis (she/her)

Field Building Lead

Helena is a social researcher with a strong participatory focus, committed to building participatory approaches through her work at CONNECTED BY DATA as Field Building Lead.

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Our directors

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Karin Christiansen

Board Chair and Non-Executive Director

Louise Crow

Non-Executive Director

Karien Bezuidenhout

Non-Executive Director

Hera Hussain

Non-Executive Director

Jeni Tennison

Founder and Executive Director


Freelancers we work with

Alan Hudson

Practice associate

Gavin Freeguard

Policy associate

Libby Young

Research associate and Fellow

Liz Steele

EU Policy & Partnerships associate


People we support and mentor

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Libby Young

Research associate and Fellow

Maria Luciano

Fellow / Former Research associate


Previous team members

Obioma Egemonye

Former research associate

Jonathan Smith

Former Advocacy and Campaign Director

The Mohn Westlake Foundation

The Mohn Westlake Foundation is funding us with a year-long £125k grant to explore the use of data and AI in the public sector.

Omidyar Network

The Omidyar Network is supporting our work convening communities with a grant of $250k over 18 months.

Shuttleworth Funded

Jeni was a Shuttleworth Foundation Fellow, this funded her time and contributed $275k to Connected by Data from set-up to February 2024.

Philpott Design

for design elements and support

Noun Project

for all icons, used under the Royalty Free licence

Do you collect, use or share data?

We can help you build trust with your customers, clients or citizens

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Do you want data to be used in your community’s interests?

We can help you organise to ensure that data benefits your community

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