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Effective data governance that builds trust

Whether data is already at the heart of your organisation, or you’re exploring how to make better use of data to improve your operations, how you govern data will determine not just what you can do with it but your ongoing relationships with your customers, clients or citizens.

Even data practices that are legally compliant can suffer from reputationally-damaging backlashes, or lead to increasing resentment and an erosion of trust.

Perhaps you’re worried about people increasingly opting out of data collection. Or need to increase the robustness of decision making around how you share data. Or maybe you’re rolling out a new product that uses data and you’re not sure how people might react.

How we can help

The CONNECTED BY DATA team combines extensive experience on data and data governance with strategic communication and engagement expertise.

We can help you understand your stakeholders and their interests and concerns, and structure your data policies and processes in ways that build trust, better relationships, and true partnerships with the communities your work affects.

We can help you with:

  • mapping your stakeholder ecosystem to better understand the people and communities who are affected by the way in which you collect, use and share data
  • reviewing your data governance processes to identify areas for improvement, particularly related to the inclusion of public and community voices
  • scoping participatory data governance exercises or public attitudes research, for example to shape calls for proposals, to ensure your investment in them is worthwhile and builds on existing knowledge
  • evaluating the participatory data governance exercises or public attitudes research you run to understand their impact and to identify gaps and areas for improvement in subsequent projects
  • convening design labs to create shared resources, such as simple explanatory materials for use in deliberative exercises, or sector-wide guides for best practices in participatory engagement

We also offer expert advice and consultancy to organisations at an hourly rate of £100/hour.

Get in touch!

We are open to partnerships, project work and being part of delivery teams. If you would like to discuss your needs, book a half hour chat with us, or email

We work openly, collaboratively and relationally

We will blog and tweet about our work, while being aware and respectful of confidentiality and the impact on those involved. We will share outputs via Google Docs early and often, and work collaboratively on them with our partners.

We work with an awareness of power, privilege and pluralism

We will strive to engage a representative and diverse set of people in the delivery of our work, and to amplify the voices of those who are typically under-represented.

We play a bridging role and connect communities

We translate between technology, policy and research worlds. We make connections between grassroots groups and global networks. After delivering our work, we will continue to drive its dissemination into our future work and wider communities.