Jonathan Smith

Advocacy and Campaign Director

Jonathan has worked in campaigning and comms for quite a while now. Most recently he was Head of Campaigns at Shelter and before that the Fairtrade Foundation. He has also worked for Save the Children, Comic Relief and Christian Aid in his time.

He’s particularly interested in how to help communities co-create strategies and build power to win policy and political change, and at Shelter led the development of their now extensive housing rights community organising programme.

At the Fairtrade Foundation he worked to connect consumers and small holder farmers to drive more just trading relationships in global supply chains, particularly around bananas and cocoa.

He also has a background in youth education and participation, mainly at Comic Relief, where he helped build the Global Campaign For Education in the UK: a global movement of educators, students, civil society and unions fighting for the right to education for all.

As well as winning change, he’s fascinated by the power of storytelling and creative comms to reframe complex issues, enable new thinking and drive impactful action.

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