Justice Data Matters Next Steps Workshop

Jeni Tennison

On 6th March 2023, CONNECTED BY DATA organised a workshop for Justice Lab (an initiative of the Legal Education Foundation), to explore the next steps they should take around their work to increase public participation in the governance of data within the justice system.

The workshop brought together researchers, civil society advocates and campaigners, journalists and practitioners to explore the questions:

  • What does it take to make work in this space influential?
  • What topics are most likely to generate buy-in?
  • What methodological approaches are most effective for influencing decision making?
  • Who needs to be engaged when developing public engagement research, and how?
  • Which decision makers/decision points should work in this space target? E.g. decisions about the way data is created, or how data is used?
  • What’s the communications strategy around the work needed to achieve impact?

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