DPDI Bill Committee Oral Evidence

Jeni Tennison

Parliamentary scrutiny of the Data Protection and Digital Information Bill (No.2) kicked off on 10 May 2023 with the opening day of the Public Bill Committee.

The cross party Committee, comprised of 17 MPs and chaired by Ian Paisley Jr (DUP) and Philip Hollobone (Con), is charged with scrutinising the Bill line by line and will run to no later than 13 June.

On the first day, the Committee heard evidence from a range of stakeholders, including the ICO, business and tech interests and civil society, including CONNECTED BY DATA’s Jeni Tennison.

It’s fair to say that the evidence starkly revealed the divergent views on the Bill itself, and also the future of the UK’s approach to AI and a data-driven economy and society.

You can watch the full proceedings (AM and PM), or catch up with our live tweeting through the day.

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