Resources for Effective & Inclusive Public Deliberation on Data & AI Governance (Design Lab)

Tim Davies

What does it take to have informed, empowered and deliberative dialogue about the impacts of data and artificial intelligence?

We’re convening a group of 20 thinkers and practitioners who work on public engagement, data and artificial intelligence to co-create a toolkit that will support the deliberative governance of technology.

With support from Iswe foundation, we’ll be looking at three main problem areas below, and spending 2 days together (in the beautiful retreat center setting of the Hawkwood Centre) to sketch out possible solutions.

Problem Our outline solution
Decision makers are not convinced that they should be listening to public voices in the shaping of data and AI Targeted materials that make the case for public deliberation on technology and AI policy.
Running an effective deliberation on AI requires good background materials - focussing on the right topics, and recognising the different frames applied to discussion of AI A toolkit of background materials and curiculum, evaluated, categorised and tested for use within public dialogue
Running a powerful deliberation on AI requires tailored facilitation processes Facilitators guidance on how to put together a focussed deliberation on particular AI governance decisions.

Our goal in this work is to provide resources that can catalyse and support meaningful local dialogue on data and AI.

We could use your help

  • What should we be building on? We’re not the first to be thinking about this, and are anticipating we’ll be remixing rather than starting from scratch. Are there resources we should be aware of? Case studies to learn from? Let us know!
  • If you are interested in joining us for the lab (on 22nd - 24th November) please do get in touch: particularly if you feel you can bring insights or lived experience from a group that is often not represented in these sorts of discussions.
  • Join us in September for a pre-lab conversation to talk about existing public deliberations on data and AI, what we can learn, and where the gaps are. (Date tbc, and sign up coming shortly).

Photo credit: Hawkwood CFT Main House - Photo taken by Les Hendry.

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