Developing a progressive vision for data and tech

Jonathan Smith

Jonathan Smith

Jonathan Smith

CONNECTED BY DATA is conducting collaborative work on building a progressive vision for data and tech, with the aim of influencing party manifestos in the run up to the next General Election. As part of that, we are undertaking a project to consider:

  • What principles should underpin progressive data, digital and technology policy with a focus on the impact on citizens, consumers and communities.
  • What specific policies could look like to deliver these.

Labour Together are conducting a parallel project to develop Labour’s policies in this sector. We joined forces to convene a small group from civil society (along with Labour advisers and the Labour Together team) to discuss principles and policies and interviewed others who could not make the workshop. We provided a briefing to participants, which included summaries of Labour’s historical approach, what progressive parties in other countries are working on, what different levels of government in the UK are doing, and what UK civil society has been thinking. Labour Together are also separately consulting a range of private sector actors.

We are now inviting a wide group of participants from civil society to feed back on the ideas prompted by that workshop and further discussions with the initial group members. You will be able to feed in up to** close of play on Friday 2nd June. **

This feedback will form part of a final paper to be published before the summer. A draft of this report will go to the original group for review before publication.

We hope, through collaboration with Labour Together, to influence the Labour Party’s thinking as it develops its next manifesto. The draft and final paper will be shared with Labour Together, while making clear that contributors and their organisations do not necessarily endorse any of the policy proposals or the Labour Party, and the proposals do not represent a consensus view of those involved.

CONNECTED BY DATA will be using the outputs to prompt a broader discussion about future data, digital and technology policy and what a progressive vision for change in these areas might look like, including with other parties. We are committed to working in the open and collaboratively, and would welcome conversations about how to increase the impact of this work, so please do get in touch.

How to contribute to this consultation

The draft document and consultation info is all here.

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