Future Data Narratives Design Lab

Jonathan Smith

On Thursday 25th May 2023, CONNECTED BY DATA and Future Narratives Lab are holding a special invite-only ‘Design Lab’ session, bringing together 20-30 invited experts, influencers and specialists to co-create a strategy for shifting the inaccurate, damaging way data is currently framed & understood.

The session will include a combination of full group exercises with invited outside speakers, alongside four distinct collaborative streams of work centred around particular professional & expertise areas, identified as crucial aspects in building a solid foundation for long term-narrative change:

  • Media - assessing where and how regressive framings of data are most prevalent and perpetuated within the media, the kinds of stories that convey them most powerfully, and what kinds of stories and media strategies might effectively spread alternatives.
  • Global - comparing and contrasting how narratives about data differ between geographies, cultures and communities (particularly those impacted and marginalised by the current system), how we should take this into account in our efforts to develop and spread alternatives.
  • Politics - analysing how existing and upcoming legislation and policy around data and technology is influenced by and relies on regressive framings of data (particularly, but not only, in the UK & EU), and exploring the opportunities and challenges for promoting alternatives.
  • Industry - evaluating the role that technology and other industries play in spreading and perpetuating individualistic and exploitative understandings, seeking to identify opportunities to build power around alternatives based on different principles, and developing related strategies.

If you are interested in finding out more about this event, or its outputs and following activities, please contact jonathan@connectedbydata.org

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