What Labour should(n't)do on data and AI policy in the first 100 days

Jonathan Smith

AI, data rights, the power of big tech, online safety… digital, data and technology policy is breaking into the political mainstream like never before. Any incoming Labour government will need to make the most of the opportunities afforded by new tech and the better use of data to deliver on its industrial strategy and public services plans – while protecting the public against the risks, hype and vested interests. So what should a Labour administration do – and not do?

On Monday 9 October 2023, from 17:30 at The Tate Liverpool, CONNECTED BY DATA and the Fabian Society are bringing together a wide spectrum of voices for a vibrant discussion on one of the hot button issues of our time. Following short contributions from the panel, there will be plenty of opportunity for the audience to participate in the discussion.

CONNECTED BY DATA will also be introducing a progressive vision for data and tech policy, based on contributions from across civil society, to support future discussions.

Gavin Freeguard, policy associate at Connected by Data, will host the conversation featuring:

There will be a short time to continue the conversation at the venue following the event.

Note: The Tate Liverpool is outside the formal Conference zone so you will not need a Party Conference ticket to attend.

Book your ticket on Eventbrite by clicking here.

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