Connected Conversation: How can affected communities have a powerful voice in shaping the adoption of data-driven technology in schools?

Helena Hollis

Data-driven technologies and AI within EdTech are entering the school and classroom environment at pace, and are likely to increase. The UK government has recently made a series of announcements, including the promise of an AI assistant for every teacher. But concerns abound on the objectives and impact of this push, from displacing the need for new bricks and mortar and working conditions for school staff with tech-fixes, or the poorly understood effect of the learning experiences of children.

Notable by its absence, have been the voices of educators, school leaders, students and their families and teachers, and others in the wider school community. Given the sensitivities and importance of education, these diverse voices and perspectives need to be empowered at all stages of decision making to contribute to good governance and policy for education and all of us who engage with it.

In January 2024, Connected by Data convened a Design Lab to discuss these issues with EdTech in schools. In this Connected Conversation, we will be sharing our findings and discussing future directions.

A slide deck will be circulated in advance of the session.

This conversation will take place 15:30 - 16:30 UK time, Monday 26th February 2024 on Zoom. If you’re interested in attending please email Helena.

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