Measuring Data Values Around the World

Using and developing the Global Data Barometer

CONNECTED BY DATA has been commissioned by the International Development Research Center (IDRC) to explore how the Global Data Barometer can be used to provide a baseline and measurement tool for the realisation of the Data Values Manifesto.

The Global Partnership on Sustainable Development Data’s (GPSDD) Data Values Project has developed a roadmap for putting values at the heart of the data agenda. This roadmap calls on governments, companies, civil society organizations, donors, and others to make positive changes in how data is funded, designed, managed, and used. It is accompanied by a Manifesto that translates the roadmap into a five-point plan for collective advocacy.

Yet to truly realize the value of data and data-related projects, it is important to try to build a baseline and understand how far or close the data ecosystem is from the expected standards.

Tracking global efforts in these domains is necessary to realize the value of data and guide investments that will promote a fair data future. One important mechanism through which to fill these knowledge gaps is the Global Data Barometer (GBD). Led by the Data for Development Network ( and supported by IDRC, the GDB is a global benchmarking tool that will track how data is shared, governed, and used for global public good.

This project aims to explore how to use GDB data to measure progress toward the framework set out in the Data Values White Paper, “Reimagining Data and Power: A roadmap for putting values at the heart of data” and the Data Values Manifesto.

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